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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Right or Left or am wrong

Are you LEFT behind me or RIGHT behind me?


We'd never get you hurt. so dont talk shit back if you dont toke shit (GOOD SHIT)back at your house of no ounce. #ouch #freebase #2chainz #thinkoutofthebox or out of the tv?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stone Her - Marry? you want to? Marry You Wanna?

she lay on a bed of scattered stones, passing out slowly with slow movements of discomfort, dirt all over her dress and jacket from the rocks beneath her. If a picture was taken at the right moment the caption would read "Stoned Girl" - The only thing that bled that night was the good, do be.

hurt,broke and an egg

What did the Prostitute say to the EGG?

hey, baldy, wanna get laid again?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time Travel too - Two existences - No Cubic Spheres h e r e s p e c i a l l y

"the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one." this man Einstein was funny but how can light have no mass, photons or not it occupies some space for which we may have or may have no control of, how can you see something that has no mass/doesnt occupy space, seeing may just be an illusion, no wonder dreams dont make sense.  maybe we might control the mass of light by its brightness, as only the brightest stars light have since reached us and some from distant long dead stars still hasnt reached us, but again its so fast, can we then say if we can be able to reduce lights mass, then what aspect of its reach have we factually reduced? can we be able to reduce its speed by altering its density? or is its speed the same through space/earth's environment and space vacuum. Light is a type of matter or antimatter that spontaneously recreates itself, reflects itself or replicates itself and so whats the real colour of light/natural light. in the same thought, is the space/vacuum existing in nothing as you cannot minus the vacuum but only introduce other foreign matter/antimatter. Maybe we are looking at the world with the wrong set of eyes, we need a high tech camera lens with pixels in the millions, but then again I believe we'll be looking into the known unknown or vise versa and it wont make sense still. dang.
576 megapixels - Human eye resolution.
I believe light is God's software for sight. Let there be light, trust me all was chipper before/without light, wherever we were then, Time is an illusion, otherwise, where are your unborn children and where were you 3000 years ago if you cant remember that then try seeing the future, there is nothing that doesnt exist otherwise give it a name, unborn children already exist, you never existed 3000 years ago because you exited in a different/another paradigm to existence.

Leadership, Earn it don't just learn it.

L e a r n, then LEAD and Earn.

Food Poisoning 101 - Eat Filthy Healthy

One man's meat(money) another man's poison (money maker).